How it works: One cohesive, start-to-finish

process for planner, venue, and vendors.


Start to Finish Event Planning Software
Add an event, create a guest list and track RSVP’s. Manage budgets, timelines, To Do lists and have all of your contracts in one place. Communication is seamless with our built in messaging and communication tool. Event Planning Reinvented.
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Planning Diva’s mission is to create the only start-to- finish event planning software on the market. From the moment you hang up the phone with a client through the close of your event, tracking details and communication is seamless.

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Create your Occasion
Create your Occasion (event) and upload all vendor contracts.
From client contract and venue selection to vendor setup, we provide the platform to input all event details, save contracts, share mood boards, and facilitate the use of clear and concise information. Imagine a whiteboard session, but virtual!
Create your guest list and track RSVP’S
Manage all of your guest information, meal preferences and lodging details in one space. Track RSVP’s and manage guest count all in one place.
Create your guest list and track RSVP’S
Chat in real time
Chat in real time with all partners.
Tag vendors and respond to specific event-related details all in one spot. Share accurate information in single or group chat messages, ensuring everyone has the latest specifications. Build your contact list and have integrated into collaboration.
Track your event timeline and communicate run of show to vendors
Create a custom load in, load out and agenda for each event. Share this with vendors via Planning Diva or print and email. All details in one place for seamless communication.
Track your event timeline and communicate run of show to vendors
Master To-Do’s
Master To-Do’s, Budget Spreadsheets and Calendar Items.
Ditch the paper calendar and spreadsheet file. From task lists and meetings to line item costs, you can monitor and check off action items and see event-prep progress, all in one place.
Create and share your venue layout in 3D.
Our immersive 3D layout section allows both 3D walkthrough and 2D overhead views of your event space - from rental placement to tablescape designs. Revise and comment in real time with vendors, venue and client. Layout your space and share with all vendors, clients and venues.
Create and share your venue layout in 3D.