How it works: Real-time collaboration lets

everyone participate and celebrate.


Getting Started: Creating an Occasion
Enter in all of your event details, upload contracts and invite clients and vendors into the space.
Navigating the Dashboard
A quick snapshot of all of your events, budgets, conversations and calendar items.
How to Invite a Vendor into an Occasion
How to Collaborate with Vendors and Clients
Real time communication between clients, vendors and planner.
Creating Your To Do List
Create action items and add milestones to track your planning progress.
Filling Your Calendar
Items from your to do list are conveniently autopopulated onto your calendar.
Managing your Budget
Stay on budget and up to date with itemized guest counts and tracking.
Building and Sharing Mood boards
Add images and brand colors to our moodboard section and easily share them with clients and vendors.
How to upload contracts into Planning Diva
Keep all event details located in one place. We make it easy to upload vendor contracts and BEO's to access from your desktop or mobile device.
How to Enter in your Guest List
Keep track of guest lists and RSVP's seamlessly with our RSVP feature.
How to Invite a Guest to RSVP
Invite and track guest RSVP’s with our invite feature.